Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Back in the Saddle Again

It's been  two and a half years since I last wrote here, a year and a half since I took a break from acting and my career, and just shy of a year since I've reentered the industry. And now, finally, I find myself back here, writing to all of you!

Many of you may not even know that I had taken time off...to be honest, I wasn't even sure I was just taking time off - I was quite certain that I was quitting. Done. Bye bye. Of course, that wasn't the case. Anyone who knows me could have told me that from the beginning...and they probably did. But leaving and clearing my head was all a necessary part of my journey, and it's all the more thrilling to be returning again.

Now that Ginger Soup is back and running, you can look forward to hearing about what I learned during my break from the industry, the direction I find myself pushing my career now, and I how I continue to take care of myself in between it all. I'm really excited to share my journey from actor, to not-an-actor-anymore, back to an actor who's made room on her head for many different hats. And one in particular (for those who remember my little alter ego)...I'm putting my "cowboy hat" back on and I'm ready to take names and conquer the world!