Monday, 20 October 2014


Chelsey Moore recounts an audition horror story for Ginger Soup for the Actor's Soul

The following short story, of which you are about to read, is based on an actual event that took place February 8, 2001. All places, and people are real, and names have not been changed.

It was a miserably dreary February morning in my small town of Black Creek, tucked away in the heart of Vancouver Island. The sun hadn’t even begun to rise and I was up brushing my teeth, combing my hair, and pulling on my favourite orange fuzzy top, anxious and excited for the day ahead. I was a na├»ve twelve-year-old girl heading for an audition, and I hadn’t the faintest idea what the day would bring. If I had any glimpse of what would transpire inside of that soundproof casting door, my life would have been different.

After a quick bowl of instant oatmeal, and an episode of my favourite cartoon, my mom began hustling me to the front door to get my shoes on. 2001 was an interesting time for footwear fashion. I had recently bought myself a pair of converse slip-ons that were all the rage at my middle school. Never one to miss out on a trend, I had made the purchase recently and hadn’t had time to grow accustomed to the fit and feel of these backless shoes, pictured here:

My mom and I started on our six-hour journey to Shoreline Studios, where my audition was being held. I spent the majority of the car-ride staring out the window, watching the crows flying overhead. I was feeling cautiously optimistic when I walked through the studio doors. I had the usual nerves, but I checked in with the casting assistant and then checked over the sides on the walls. The scene was set in the virtual world, where us kids had to fight bad guys and monsters, and save the universe. Easy.

They called six names, mine included, and I entered the room with my peers. We were told to line-up on the green line from shortest to tallest. We would be performing two at a time. After slating, profiles and holding our hands up for the camera, we all took a step back. The first two people were up! The casting director told them they were in a video game and they had to fight off a hundred monsters. Action. I watched as they punched and fought their way through the scene. Cut. Then the next two were up. Action. “Psht, amateurs,” I thought. I had just achieved my orange belt in Karate, so I knew a thing or two about throwing a punch. Cut. Then it was my turn. My time to shine, my time to prove that I had what it took to destroy those monsters and save the universe! Action. I begin punching as hard as I can, while turning and blocking and doing some really great martial arts. Block, punch, block, punch. I was a virtual superstar. And that’s when I had an idea, one that would change my life forever. I decided to kick. I punched the imaginary space monster, and then stepped back to plant myself to kick. Front knee bent, back leg straight, I swing my back leg up, bending at the knee. I kicked that space monster as hard as I could. Then I feel lightness, a breeze, where my shoe was supposed to be. I looked down and saw only a pink polka-dot sock. I had kicked my shoe at the casting director.  Cue my reaction-


I left that casting room a different person; dejected, deflated, and plain embarrassed. I ran straight into my mom’s car, holding back tears. The world turned grey. I stopped speaking and eating. Upon my return home, I retreated to the woods to go live with the bears. I had been one with nature for a full two hours when my dad came and found me and told me I had a callback. Auditions are weird. 

Chelsey Moore grew up on Vancouver Island, and moved to the mainland to pursue her career in acting, attending the Dramatic Arts Program at VADA. After graduating, she landed the role of Sarah in the web series, The Girls Guide, which went on to win Best Ensemble Cast and Outstanding Series in a Drama at the LA WebFest. Chelsey's creative endeavours also spread to include music when she joined as a vocalist in the funk band, The Maneuver.
You can find her at:
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