Monday, 6 October 2014

Go Forth and Get Haunted: CARRIE: The Musical

Ginger Soup for the Actor's Soul recommends Carrie the Musical by Fighting Chance Productions

Fun Fact: the name "Taylor" was not my mother's first choice for me. I was almost a "Karrington". Yeah. I think it's kind of cute, and it still made it's way in as one of my middle names...but imagine growing up as a ginger kid with a name that almost has the word carrot in it. No thank you! But that wasn't even what deterred my mom from using it in the end...she was more concerned that people would shorten it to Kerry and then pour pig blood on me at my prom. Nobody said that pregnant thinking was rational thinking...

So, while I made it out with a name that only makes people think about Taylor Swift and that one Jack Johnson song about a prostitute, I can finally go and see what was almost my fate unfold in real time, right before my eyes. This Halloween, Fighting Chance Productions is giving us our very first opportunity to see Carrie: The Musical this side of the border. In a town where you can see five different productions of Annie or Oklahoma in a year, FCP has always given a breath of fresh air with exciting new musicals and brave and different productions - and artistic director, Ryan Mooney, has done it again by spearheading the Canadian premier of Carrie.

Director Ryan Mooney discusses the process of putting together Carrie:The Musical

There has been an incredible amount of excitement around this production, landing the local company articles on both Broadway World and, as well as a few others. I can only imagine that it would be thrilling for the cast and crew to be a part of something so new and anticipated, but it is especially exciting as a Vancouver audience member to have the opportunity to witness the premier of a show like this in our city. And not only that, but this is looking like it is going to be a fantastic production...the star of the show, Ranae Miller, donned the ever-fashionable pig blood look for the show's promo photos.
Carrie: The Musical by Fighting Chance Productions, on Ginger Soup for the Actor's Soul
Ranae Miller as "Carrie White"
For any of you who haven't read the original novel by Stephen King, or seen the film with Sissy Spacek...or the remake with Chloe Grace Moretz (just a few options...), I won't give spoil anything for you. But know that there is a lot to look forward to in this show. Including a lot of blood. Quite a lot. Now, I'll admit, I'm not great around blood. In a real way. And I may be doing a bit of my viewing of this show through my fingers over my eyes...but I won't let my squeamishness keep me from going. This is a chance to see some of Vancouver's up and coming talent put on a brand new show, and though I've only heard one song so far, my understanding is the music is killer! Ha...killer.

Carrie: The Musical opens this week on Wednesday, October 8th, at the Jericho Arts Centre and you can get your tickets here.