Monday, 1 September 2014

Spaces and Reservations: An Anniversary (W)Rap!

2 Year Anniversary of Brendan Prost's Spaces and Reservations with Taylor Hastings and Zach White

Two years ago today, in the wee small hours of the morning, Brendan Prost called "CUT!" on the last shot of his newest feature film. Spaces and Reservations would be Brendan's third feature, and my first. The shoot was an incredible introduction into tackling that size of a film, and sitting in my character's car for the last take, I knew I had been a part of something special. My experiences post-production would find me many more incredible firsts into this world of indie filmmaking!

Taylor Hastings at the premier of Spaces and Reservations at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver
At the second Vancouver screening at the Rio!

For starters, I did my first series of interviews! Brendan and I, and other cast and crew members, met with various newspapers and gave interviews about the film, and he even appeared on a few radio shows! I learned that I have a talent for rambling for long periods of time without actually saying anything intelligible, so...there's something new to work on. Throughout the process of meeting with different press members, recounting our time on set became more of a heartfelt reminiscing session, and I became more and more fond of my memories working with everyone and even more excited about seeing the completed film and sharing with the audience! Check out some of our articles: here, here, and here

Rio Theatre Premier of Spaces and Reservations with Taylor Hastings, Brendan Prost and cast of film
Spaces and Reservation Cast and Crew at Premier!

Spaces and Reservations had a Canadian wide tour, led entirely by director, Brendan. He literally drove the film across the country and shared it with enthusiastic audiences - of many varying sizes - and returned with glowing reviews! I was present for all three screenings in Vancouver, shown at the Rio Theatre in East Van. The experience was incredible...and as any of the cast members sitting beside me can tell you, very overwhelming and viscerally jarring to me. I was a wreck! I couldn't sit still. I had my mom on one side of me holding my hand, keeping me calm, and Spaces actor, Dayleigh Nelson, on the other side making sure I didn't slide right under my seat!

Rio Theatre in East Van Advertises indie feature: Spaces and Reservations
Marquis outside the Rio Theatre!

It wasn't that I was embarrassed or nervous or was that I was actually able to watch the film, and be captivated by the story and become emotionally invested in what the characters were going through. It was the first time I was able to let go of my ego and just sit and watch. And to experience it with an audience who were also invested in and enjoying the film...well it was just really indescribable.

Stars of Spaces and Reservations, Taylor Hastings and Zach White outside of premier at Rio Theatre
Jamie and Kacie of Spaces and Reservations

I also drove out to Calgary for the screening there, and was met with Brendan's very supportive and enthusiastic fan base. The crowd there was fantastic and the theatre full. After the screening, the audience engaged in a Q&A session and, frankly, made all of us feel pretty important...I mumbled and rambled on and then after creating 3 consecutive incoherent sentences, would pass it over to Brendan and let him answer in a more cohesive and eloquent way. Teamwork. You know.

Opening Speeches at Spaces and Reservations Premier with Brendan Prost, Taylor Hastings and Zach White at the Rio Theatre
Opening speeches at the premier of Spaces and Reservations

In my days doing theatre, closing night was always an emotional roller coaster for me. Closing night is closing night - it's over after that. The incredible thing about being part of creating a film, is that now that the screening tour is over, our involvement in the film is far from over! There is a possibility of entering into the American festival market, in which case, the tour starts all over again. And for the people who missed the opportunity to watch the film with us, there is an option to view it online!*

Brendan and I put together a little video to send our love and appreciation to everyone who came out to share in the experience of Jamie and Kacie's story. Please watch - it's very informative of all of your current options to watch the film! Thanks everyone!

*Email us at to request access to the private, online screener. Then make yourself some popcorn and enjoy!