Monday, 29 September 2014

Freshman 15: Running Off The Summer Pounds

Ginger Soup for the Actor's Soul loves 5k Runner App for staying fit as an actor

So, while I spent the entirety of last year preparing for a busy summer of auditions, I was unpleasantly surprised to attend a meek total of two auditions between June and August. Yep. That was it! Goes to show, a one time successful season is sometimes just that: just because you did well and booked last summer, doesn't mean a pattern is forming. Lesson learned.

Now, instead of deciding that the good season is over...I'm just holding on to the hope that it is only delayed. Perhaps fall will be my sweet spot this year. After all. auditioning doesn't end in the summer, there will be opportunities available for the rest of the year - and I want to be ready. Ready mentally, and physically.

This summer saw a lot of boredom and emotional eating...I may have eaten an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting. And not a cute little pint of Ben and Jerry', a full carton of Bryer's. Once I had decided that I had eaten enough of it to warrant finishing it off, I even fried some peaches with rum and brown sugar - so delicious, but I'll get back to that in a post that isn't fitness related. The point is, I need a little work to get back in shape before I try to fit into my audition pants.

Since it is only September, we've still got a bit of time to get outside and enjoy the tail end of a beautiful summer. This is why I'm focusing on my new favourite app of all time: 5K Runner. This has been an incredibly helpful tool for me. It is exactly what it sounds like: it takes you from being somebody who maybe owns a pair of running shoes but has never used them, to somebody who can tackle (with confidence) a 5k jog.

The app works by taking you step by step through your run, telling you when to walk and when to pick up the speed to a light run. Working through small alternating segments like this, you comfortably ease your way into longer running times and more athletic stamina! It is very exciting for someone like me, who has always wanted to be a runner, but never knew how to tackle it.

Their 8 week program (recommends 3 runs a week, so that you  have a chance to rest in between) is a perfect way to get into shape, get outside and get running. For more advanced runners, or runners who have finished the first 8 week program, they now offer a 10K Runner option as well! It could even be the most convenient training package to get you ready for the Vancouver Sun Run! And once the rain starts, take it inside and get on the treadmill.

I hope you'll join me! I've been loving this program, and I even have the little line that fit people get in there stomach that implies some sort of athletic, that's a win right there. Remember, any physical activity you partake in and anything you can do for your health, will only benefit you later in your acting career!