Monday, 22 September 2014

Actor's School Supply List

If you're anything like me - and Rory Gilmore - you were the kid that looked forward to the beginning of the new school year so much, that you told your parents the first day started an hour earlier than it did...just to make sure you made it there in time! Unlike Rory Gilmore, of course, my passion for the academic world disintegrated pretty quickly into the first month back. Also, I'm hardly as witty as her.

To add to this excitement, was the obligatory trip to Staples or Target for brand new school supplies. To this day, I have an unreasonable love of office supplies; notebooks, fine point pens, dividers, little label tabs, multicoloured Sharpie packs, anything that feeds my Carrie from Homeland OCD habits. I love it all. I don't continue to use them all. I have a stack of Moleskine notebooks that have one or two pages used only. But, it never hurts to start off on the right foot. Get yourself organized and head into the "school year" like a champ.

Here's my, "Actor's School Supplies Shopping List" for you all:

1. "The Intent to Live: Achieving Your True Potential as an Actor" by Larry Moss
This book is essential reading material! If you're going to start anywhere, this is as good a spot as ever. Actors everywhere have sworn by this book, and some have taken it further and been taught by the man himself! My recommendation? Read it slowly...and take notes!

Which brings me to...

2. Notebooks Notebooks GALORE!
Yes, I've mentioned that I'm a bit of a...hoarder of notebooks. And yes, it's a little cliché to go with the ol' Moleskine classic. But seriously! Ernest Hemingway, Vincent van Gogh, Picasso, Oscar Wilde? They were all Moleskine enthusiasts! Worked for them...Whatever your notebook choice is, grab a couple, always be ready to jot down ideas for screenplays or demo material, notes from class, thoughts from your new Larry Moss read and brilliant epiphanies about acting! Make your own study guide! - write post on study guide

3. Daily Planner. Yes. Just like in school.

You know, Moleskine makes a fine agenda...
Planners/agendas/calendars are all great - they keep you organized about what is coming up and where you've already been. Knowing what auditions you were at last week and keeping notes about what you wore, who was in the room and what went well can really help you in the future - especially if you end up with a call back!
(PS my Moleskine planner has a perfect page for keeping those notes. I swear I'm not plugging them...I'm just a hipster at heart.)


I am being serious. Staples has a huge candy section. And they come in BULK! So. If Staples has it, it must be part of a well-rounded supplies list! I'm partial to Twizzlers.

5. Teeth Whitener

Yeah, let's just add this on here. My enthusiasm for coffee has made things a little less pearly white, teeth-wise. Now, if I were in Calgary right now, say, filming a movie about pelt traders with Leo DiCaprio, I might hold off on the whitener. But, I'm not. So...white strips it is!

It's a pretty meek list. Let's face it...actors have enough to spend money on: head shots, classes, Car2Go, whisky...but hopefully these extra little things get you going in a proactive, productive and efficient way! Push yourselves to stay on top of your craft in any way you can! Happy learnin' everyone!