Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Wait is (just about) Over!

It has been two years since I first fell in love with the script for Spaces and Reservations, as I prepared to audition for the feature film that would end up taking me on a journey I could not have imagined. From my first time meeting director, Brendan Prost, to the incredibly interactive and collaborative audition experience, to the extensive character preparation, to the 16 days on set and the anticipation of waiting while the film is in post...this has been the most fulfilling, scary, wonderful, informative growth period of my career!

After pouring our souls into this film - and I mean "our" in that each person who worked on Spaces, even in the smallest way, was so dedicated and certainly poured their souls in too - and working tirelessly to create something beautiful, we finally get to share this with all of you! It is a little surreal. I think you always make a movie with the intention of giving the story away to the audience, to share it with somebody else, but it's a different thing entirely when you actually get the opportunity to that! And it doesn't always happen - especially with low budget, independently produced films. But I assure you, the only reason we are lucky enough to get to this point, is the tireless work of Brendan; I can't even fathom the work that he's put into it over the last few years!

I am so, so proud of this film. Truly. All I want, now, is to show you what we've made, tell you a story that'll make you feel something, and hopefully crush your soul...because, trust me, you will leave a little soul crushed (in a good way). We partied last night to kick off our Canadian tour (I've used the term "Canadian tour" as many times as possible lately because it makes me feel like a rock star...) and to those of you who came out, thank you! And to those of you who have already purchased tickets, thank you too! It is certainly a challenge in a city where so much is going on, to get interest in and audience commitment for your project - which makes it very difficult (and a little scary) to gauge what to expect! So, if you're planning on coming to the screening, please (if you can) book your tickets in advance! You can do this here :)

We've already had so much support from all of you, and it's such an honour and we're so grateful! This movie is no longer for the people who made it - it's now for you, our audience, and we can't wait to give it to you!