Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years REVolution

Ginger Soup wishes everyone a Happy New Year

Guys, it's 2014! A new year! A fresh start!

It's concerning to me that I'm always so, so ready for a "fresh start" every year - it made me start to wonder why it was that I needed to start over so desperately. What had I done during the previous 12 months, how badly did I screw up that I required a countdown and the entry to a new calendar in order to start over? And this year especially - I can't tell you how many facebook posts popped up on my feed that were all along the lines of "Good riddance with 2013. You were the worst year ever, 2013. Get outta here! Please, 2014, please. If nothing else, just be better than the last year!".

2013 is taking a serious social media beating. Poor 2013.

So, I started to think that the last year was just a bad one. A doozy, if you will. Everybody seems to be in the same boat, maybe the number 13 truly is unlucky, and let's just forget about it and start the new year off right. But then I double-backed, and made myself a nice little list (as I do). There were two columns. The first read, "Tougher Times of 2013" and the second was, "2013 Wins". I thought about all of the stand out moments of the year, put them down like a little pro's and cons chart, and compared. It turned out that the wins outweighed the tough times. No competition. Conclusion? It was a good year.

Yeah, some of the bad times took longer to work themselves out than the good times took to work their way in. Just in general, I'd say things were ok. I'm alive. The good doesn't cancel out the bad, or vice versa, that's not what I mean. What I mean to say is, a good day with a bad moment in it is still a good day.

So then I looked a little further than my own bubble. This year there was a lot going on in the world, there were some very devastating natural disasters, and lots of people still struggling with the economy, and you know, Rob Ford. All bad. But then, there were a whole number of small and not so small, wonderful things. BatKid, Fred warming hearts everywhere with "Sweet Lorraine", the football team who worked together to make sure their developmentally disabled team mate could score his first touchdown, that woman who found her dog under the rubble of her house in OK on live news, a brand new royal baby, Kid President (for real) and - of course, the world's love affair with Jennifer Lawrence.

It's a little naive, maybe, to view the world this way. The real hard times are hard, and that can't be fixed by pretending a little boy is Batman. But it certainly doesn't hurt to believe in a little magic, and create a little joy in a tough world. This brand new year we're in should definitely be better, but just because we should always be striving for better - not because the last year sucked.

This year I'm looking forward to so much! Pilot season is just around the corner, and I'll be focusing the month of January on everything related to this very exciting season for actors! Plus, I'm opening up a spot once a month for a guest writer! If you have something you'd like to share; a piece of advice, a funny story, a life lesson, anything, please feel free to contact me at and I'd love to see your work, and maybe feature it on my blog as well as any links to your work or other sites you may have!

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to the good and bad and the better!