Monday, 28 October 2013

Your "Prostitute-y"

Uh...could you use that in a sentence, please?

I remember, in my "Business of Acting" class in college, talking in great depth about branding. I know I've talked about it here a bit as well; how important it is to figure out your brand, start to look at yourself the way other people see you and locate where that fits in in terms of the kinds of characters you could be cast as.

So...I took a look at myself. I tried on different looks, different scenes, tried to see where my strengths were. I even asked other people. Know what we came up with?

  • Girl Next Door
  • Best Friend
  • Funny/Awkward Girl
  • Neurotic Over-Achiever
  • A Young, Female, Woody Allen Type (yeah...that came up a few times)
But edgy, broken, intense - not really my words, right?

Ask me what I've gone out for in the last month and a half!! Go on! Ask me! Ask me!

  • Cocaine addict
  • Prostitute (and I got this audition because of how close I came on another prostitute role..)
  • Homeless Drug Addict
  • Hostage Victim
  • Another Drug Addict
So, there you have it! I attribute the opportunity to go out for roles like these to my "character face" (which usually means anything that isn't blonde...). But I'll take them - seriously. I consider myself lucky! And whatever ends up on my plate is just another chance to play and grow in my dream job. So, while I'm still focusing on figuring out my "brand" and enthusiastic and passionate about comedy, I'm keeping an open mind. You can imagine the confused wardrobe for my upcoming head shots shoot!

Taylor Hastings' edgy acting head shot for auditions
The end result, everybody!