Monday, 21 October 2013

Grown Up Soup for the Ginger's Soul...

Hello there, overly ignored blog!

I want you all to know that my diary looks exactly the same. There'll be a post, where I go on and on about how I neglected to write for so long, along with a follow up entry the next day...and then another 3 months will go by with out any writing. And then I start again with the apologies, and the "I will really commit to writing every day this time" empty promise...not sure who I'm trying to fool with that one.

And honestly, sitting down and getting my fingers on this keyboard was hard enough alone (though I did get to it - finally!!)...and this is all because...I have moved out! And there are a few things I've learned about living on your own. They include (but are not limited to) these points:

                                                     a. You never have to wear pants.
                                                     b. You can watch 2 seasons of Once Upon A Time in one sitting.*

Like I said, not limited to those two things...but they are apparently the most prominent!

I've been here for a few weeks, and so it feels like a few things have taken a back seat to figuring out how this all works. Everything in my little house has a place, and my closet is colour-coordinated (as it has been for....longer than I'd like to admit), and there's a nice warm feeling here. I've got 210 sq ft - yeah. you heard me. 210 - of independence, so I'm testing the waters. You know, figuring out what Taylor looks and sounds and feels like when she's on her own.

 I may have become a bit of a hermit, watched a bit too much Netflix and missed out on some of the most beautiful fall days by staying inside. But I've also started to lose my fear of the dark, stopped myself from inadvertently losing a couple more pounds by moving from oatmeal for dinner to actual meals, like "Grown Up Soup"** and I had a legitimate interaction with, I have my own bills and stuff now (yay?). Accomplishments all around!

So, baby steps. One thing at a time. Figure this adulthood thing out a bit first, then let you guys know all about it...which, I guess I'm doing now. So another accomplishment done and done! I deserve a chocolate.

The one thing that hasn't been put on hold during this time, is my acting career, which I am happy to say is continuing on - slowly, but surely - in the right direction. Auditions are starting to come with a few more pages here and there and there may be another Untold Stories of the ER episode to keep your eyes out for coming up soon...I'll let you know when!

                                           *This is my new writing nook :)
*This only works if your bed is in reaching distance to your kitchen so that you can make cereal with out losing your view of the show...which mine is. 
**Grown Up Soup is what you make when you have a bunch of veggies going bad in your fridge, and a little bit of chicken stock, and you put it all in a pot with some spices and stuff and you cook it, and then you pat yourself on the back for being responsible with your veggies and not wasting food and generally acting like a really great adult person!