Sunday, 4 August 2013

Thank You for Driving

I'd like to share with you, today, a story. An epic tale of transition, poor time management and overspending at Starbucks, with almost as many walking scenes as "The Hobbit". A personal journey of an actor, who - after many slow months of sparse auditions - can finally appreciate living in Vancouver as opposed to LA, and the close proximity between casting offices it provides...and the over-exaggeration of this notion, is where our story begins.

The Thursday. And though my meetings and auditions don't begin until later in the day, I've left the filing for another time and stayed home from the McJob (sorry, boss). I start the day on a productive note; my one and only pair of Lululemons are pulled from their dusty corner of the drawer and thrown on, so that when I walk through the mall near my house, people might assume that I had been, or are planning to pick up to a brisk jog or run. But I will not. I return home, and make myself feel like an accomplished adult by unloading the dishwasher. 

The first stop on my adventure, is to my agent's new office to pick up - get this - my paycheque*. I know the area, and I know my next few stops are relatively close, and I like to walk. So, I park my car in Richmond, take the train in, get off at Olympic Village Station and head on my way to meeting number one - stopping on the way at the Starbucks I always pee in pre-audition. Just past Main on E 5th, I get to the office, have a quick chat, watch my agent eat a cookie that he bought for good luck for me...for him...(so thoughtful, eh?), and then I'm on my way, to the next stop.

This one is a callback for a cookie commercial (hence the good luck cookie) and I'm now heading to W 2nd just past Fir. So, you know, I'm starting to feel grateful that I have a few spare shirts in my bag. I'm going to be pretty early at this point, so I stop in at yet another Starbucks. Here I can apply the new shirt, fluff my hair up a bit so it's not stuck to my forehead with sweat, and buy a coconut water. My feet are getting a bit tired at this point, so upon arriving at the casting office, I all but face-plant my way into the waiting room and garner a lot of attention from a room full of actors - an impressive feat, I say!

I'm the second to last audition of the entire day, and then I'm off to the next one. I'm back on the road and pretty much consider myself Jack Kerouac on foot. I've even developed, as this point, what I think is a very sexy hair flip for every time I look both ways before crossing. Very. Sexy. (Please, just go with it). I'm heading all the way back to E 3rd and like, Columbia...pretty much where I started out. But I feel bad for using and abusing the Starbucks on 2nd for their toilet, so I stop at a different Starbucks...this time on 6th. I get myself a peach-lemonade-green-tea-ice-thingy and then head to the bathroom to, once again, change my shirt and reapply deodorant. You're welcome.

I make it to the next audition half an hour early, but that's cool. It gives me time to put a single bobby pin in my hair for a "period" look, and get off my feet for a bit. I know I'm getting close to the end of my adventure, and I know the next stop involves food, so I'm feeling optimistic. I get through this audition, and once again, gear up to head out and start walking to my next destination - Burrard and Broadway. Have you noticed the pattern yet people?? If I had little sports announcer-type yellow drawing lines, I would map it out for you. But basically, I've done a nice criss-cross pattern all over this part of Vancouver, on foot!

At dinner, I wolf down chicken know, protein. I'm having a lovely time, I feel like I've really accomplished something today, and now I've made it through the hard part and I can relax. And this is when it dawns on me...I have to walk to Broadway and CAMBIE to get to the train to get home. Which I did. In the pouring rain, no less, for dramatic effect.

This will be the day that will go down in Taylor's history as the Day Taylor Decided to be Less Afraid of Parking Multiple Times in One Day in Vancouver. (It's a working title). Next time I have a day like this, I may drive, considering by the end of the day - I worked it out - I walked over 10 km! That's the Sun Run. I mean, really.

Was it worth it anyways? Damn straight! Finally getting to be a busy actor is the (here's the real kicker)...that callback I went to? Totally booked it! I'll be shooting my first commercial this week! So, thanks David for the good luck cookie! Oh, and thanks Starbucks for always being there for my bladder and I.

*Um...totally forgot to take into account that people would actually pay me to act! I just thought I had a really fun time on set...Mind. Blown.