Monday, 26 August 2013

Always Answer Raugi's Phone Calls. Always.

This Friday, at the McJob, was a particularly brutal one; I found myself staring at the same piece of paper for almost 5 minutes, on the brink of tears because it all looked like hieroglyphics to me, and in reality all I was required to do was to put these papers into chronological order. No hieroglyphics decoding needed. But still. Accounting. Ugh.

Anyways, with this on my mind and the sad fact that Rebecca Black's "Friday" is no longer a staple bust-out tune at the end of the week, I was having a pretty rough go. Needless to say, I was jonesing for a break or a distraction or for any reason, really, to step away from my desk and breathe a second. And that's when it happened. My "crowd-pleasing" Songza playlist was interrupted by an incoming call on my phone. The caller ID said it was Raugi (my very own Mr. Miyagi). And on this day - on this very special day -  I picked up the phone right away.

This moment is only significant because when Raugi usually calls (and it's cool if I admit this now, since I already told him) I will often ignore it. Yes. I said it. I will see the call, I will allow it to keep ringing, and then I will wait until I'm good and ready and in a position to talk for a bit to call him back. I know. I know how horrible it sounds. But the thing is, this guy is just one of those kinds of friends/mentors that is always down for a good conversation, and despite how hard you try not to, you always end up getting a little too far into sharing about how you feel about life at that particular moment and the next thing you know it's been 45 minutes and you're going on about how terrifying your 1st grade teacher was despite her small stature and Raugi is finding the connection between that and your overconsumption of Nutella and then the whole universe is making sense all of a sudden - see? See?? I'm already rambling!

So! I like to wait until I know I can get into this conversation before I take the call. Turns out, not only did Raugi already know this, but he totally gets it, too!

But on this very special day...I needed a break, and so I took the call! And this call? This was a call he was making from the set of his latest project, to see if I was available to take over a small part in the film, to shoot a couple scenes the following day! This really happened, you guys! And OF COURSE I was available! I wasn't going to let this kind of opportunity pass me by! So, that night I received a call sheet and a script, and the next morning I was packing a bag with wardrobe options and heading to set!!

What isn't awesome about this? Seriously. I got to shoot two scenes Saturday, one of which was exclusively with Raugi - and turns out, not only is he the best mentor a person could ask for, he's also one the most fun, professional and giving co-worker a person could ask for! My second day of shooting consisted of coconut cookies, a lot of mosquito's and a great deal of fun hiking through Cypress! Want one more boost of awesome in this story?? Well, I'm pretty sure this film is going to be kick-ass! I'm so tickled to have been able to be a part of it - especially with the way that it all came to be - and that I had a chance to work with Raugi, the amazing director of the film, Ben Hoskyn, and the rest of the amazing crew of 8 Minutes Ahead.

On set at Cypress with the amazing crew and some of the cast of 8 Minutes Ahead!