Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Why I Neglected My Blog For So Long...(and other poor excuses)

So...it's been a while. I don't think I need to go through introductions again, but basically, I'm the human version of the cartoon above this post, and I sometimes hang out with sea lions and overindulge in Nutella and there's also that thing where I'm an actor.

I know it's been a while, but I swear I have legitimate excuses! The main reason, I guess, is that there has just been WAY too much going on, and I couldn't keep up with documenting it all in weekly, cohesive posts! And frankly...it was all worth sharing, so it wasn't like I could exclude any of the stories...so I guess I just excluded all of them. Taylor:1. Logic:0.

So, here is the Reader's Digest version of the last two months (two months?? Holy....):

1. I got to hang out at the Leo Awards, thanks to actress Laura Adkin, and network and check out the red carpet and wear hairspray!
2. After leaving the Leo's, I was in my first car accident (this time not with a giant marshmallow). I got rear-ended and then proceeded to awkwardly yet - I think - delicately attempt to look for any damage on Dexter while not exposing too much from under my fancy red carpet dress. Dexter and I are just fine now!
3. I was Sean Cossey's pick for winning video of Jeb Beach's "Back to Booking" class - you can watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo1NKBEiEaA&feature=youtu.be
4. I drove to Fort McMurray to see my big brother with an hour's notice.
   i. Upon arriving in Fort Mac...I also was introduced to Tar Sand Beetles (or Tarzan Beetles, as I like to call them). Seriously, Google these bad boys! *shudder*
5. I aged a whole year...and found myself officially in my mid-20's. Adulthood feeling still has not kicked in. I mean, I had a bowling party for my birthday...party hat included. See below...

What else...

6. Oh! I did a juice cleanse and went to a step class. So, you know, feeling good about that...

I guess that was really it, with this and that in between there. And honestly, I could elaborate about all of those things. But I'm just going to have to hope you're caught up with me now with those, and we'll move forward. Clean slate style. And hopefully now, with things picking up in town, the next few posts will be just about booking jobs ;) Maybe I'll be so busy and productive again I won't have time to blog for two months again!!
 Ha! ...Just kidding!