Sunday, 28 July 2013

It's OK To Pee Regularly On Set

Of course, I truly didn't believe this; this being the rule of peeing at normal intervals, even when you're on set. I had my first experience on a big set the other day, complete with a green screen, a man who brought me taquitos on a plate (he insisted, I swear) and my very own trailer! In said trailer, was my own small bathroom, conveniently there for my use should I need it at any given point. And I time. From my 7pm call time all the way until my 5am wrap time, I peed once. I still don't know if it was because I was nervous of dipping the long, flowy bits of my dress in the toilet, or missing someone calling me while I was there, or if my bladder had just dried up on account of me being super duper nervous about the entire ordeal. All I know is, that's just how it went down.

(That's me outside my trailer...!)

Now, there were other things that happened that day far more worth writing home about...but I thought if I started my grand story of serious actor triumph and gladiator-hood with a tale of my toilet habits, I'd seem a little more down to earth and modest. Because now that I've told you all about my bladder, I feel like I can plot out for you what my week of glory looked like without sounding too much like an (rhymes with:) "glass-bowl". So here it is:

My Week of Glory (or: That Week I Felt Like I Validated My Two Years at Acting School)

Monday:       Evening Audition for "Once Upon a Time"
Tuesday:       Morning Audition for "Psych"
                      Afternoon Chat with Agent re: Booking "Untold Stories of the ER"(!!!!!)
                      Evening Call Time for "Witches of East End" Shoot
Wednesday: Early Morning Wrap-up for "Witches of East End"
                     ...Call in Sick to Day Job and Sleep Off BEST EXPERIENCE EVER
Thursday:    Two Back-to-Back Auditions
Friday:         Table Read for "Untold Stories..."
Saturday &
Sunday:       Workshop with Tiffany Mak and Jeb Beach
Monday:      Early Morning Call Time for "Untold Stories..."

....Tuesday: Um, well, I went back to my day job Tuesday. But still. Can you beat that week? I'm flying high right now and focusing all of my energy on keeping that momentum moving forward. I'm also trying to make note of everything I learned from both set experiences, so I can remember them going forward. While on set, I tried to soak up everything I could and talk to as many people as I could (when it was a good time and to whomever was least busy) and learn as much as I could about the process as possible. Here's the gist of what I learned:

- Be a, all the time. I can't even elaborate on this one. But seriously, guys. Just a be a pro.
- The star of Witches of East End automatically came and introduced herself to me while I got my make up done, and it made me feel incredible and comfortable and like I belonged there. Going to be remembering this one day when I'm not the new kid any more.
- A guy might come and hold an umbrella over your head for you, and this may make you feel really special and important. Really, it's just because, for the sake of continuity, your hair and clothes can't get wet. It's important to remember that. However, when retelling the story to your non-actor friends and family can totally leave that little detail out.
 - A different guy might incessantly offer to bring you soda...and again, this is not because of being important or special, it would just be bad news if you passed out on set. But same rules for the umbrella point apply here. Feel free to embellish even more in the retelling!
- Sound guys that wrap microphone packs to your (very, very) upper thigh are the best, because they work hard to make you feel totally at ease and ok with the fact that a stranger is getting all up in your grill. You should appreciate those efforts.
- Everybody on set is working towards the same goal - a successful shoot and a great show - and they all fulfil their roles so efficiently and without a fuss, and actors are a part of that. There really is no room for egos.
- Lots of people are kind and willing to give advice if you ask - just be strategic with who and when you ask, and make sure you ask with the intention of listening. I learned so much from wonderful people!
- Oh, and...just because there is a giant tray filled with cut up pieces of your favourite chocolate bars, doesn't mean you need to sample them all..multiple times. Truly.

I guess for now, that's about it. I am so, so lucky and am hugely enjoying this little surge! Every one of these moments is a learning and growing opportunity, and my intentions are to take full advantage of each of them. Also...I think from all of this I figured out what I want to be when I grow up...I think I'd like to be an actor. It's official.