Monday, 13 May 2013

Writing Your Bio Is The Worst. That is all.

Taylor Hastings is very excited to be a part of this blog post. She was first bit by the performing bug at the age of 8 when she joined a musical theatre summer program, and has been having to write bios for herself ever since. From quick, 2-sentence blurbs about herself for community theatre programs, to longer, full paragraph write ups for things like IMDB, Taylor has written all sorts of biographical histories of herself in third person. Although Taylor is proud of her accomplishments in her career up until this point, she is humbled by the fact that she cannot comfortably write them down in paragraph form. She'd like to thank any potential volunteers for offering to write future required bios for her. She'd also like to thank her mom. Cheers!


Sound familiar? Can we all just agree that writing your own bio is the worst? I mean, give me an essay subject and I'll give you 10 pages. Want help writing a scene for your demo? I'm on it! Scripts, short stories...even poetry! I would even write poetry over writing about myself. Unless, I'm allowed to make it silly and self deprecating...otherwise, I'm going to struggle.

It just isn't easy for me to make myself sound more accomplished than I am. Or not even that, more just plainly stating who I am, what I'm about and what I've done that you should care about...without apologizing for it. I think that is the part that I struggle with the most...and maybe it's the Canadian in me...but I feel like I need to apologize for telling people that I'm good at my job and that I've done some cool work!

Regardless of what the problem is, I need to get over it. It's going to come up many times and I'm going to have to write a bio for myself. Like now, for instance. The feature film I worked on this summer (and am so proud of and excited to share with everyone) is getting closer and closer to being all finished and ready to show! Which means getting the word out about it - don't worry, there'll be lots of #SpacesFilm stuff coming your way from yours truly (see what I just did there? What with plugging it's own hashtag??) - so I need to write a bio for myself for Spaces and Reservations' website. (Brendan - I swear I'm working on it!)

So, seriously...I'm not adverse to outsourcing this job! Any volunteers?? Bueller? Bueller?