Monday, 25 February 2013

Borrowing Inspiration

Hey know that thing where you haven't been on any auditions, and you think the solution is to create your own work, but you have writers block, and you can't organize yourself well enough to get into regular classes and all of a sudden all of those people who told you to get your degree in HR or whatever seem like the only sensible people you've ever spoke to and maybe it's not too late to go back to school and forget about acting?? You know...that thing?? neither...

But honestly, it's hard. This is industry is a difficult one to work in, if one is intent on keeping one's sanity. Especially when you're living in a province where you have to fight just to keep the industry in town at all...but that is a rant for another time*. It can be really freaking daunting, and as great as you are at self-motivating and staying proactive, not seeing results in terms of moving forward in your career, makes it especially hard to remember why we ever thought this was a good idea.

Oh boy...depressed yet?? It gets better - I swear.

So with all of the other things we stay on top of; regular scene study classes, going to the gym, getting new head shots, casting director workshops...I discovered this weekend that there is another side to focus on as part of your 'work week'. And that is feeding your inspiration! Finding things out there that remind you what it is about your art that you love. Anything that will reinstill that feeling that sends shivers up your spine and gets your gears going and makes everything worth it. I had reached out on Facebook recently to my friends, asking what they did to get out of a rut...and I had many varying answers, but a common one was to get out and check out what other creative people in town are doing and feed off of that!

This weekend I went to the screenings and gala for the Crazy 8's Festival. Talk about inspiring! These 6 films that were selected to be produced and that were shown on Saturday were seriously fantastic! This was my first time attending Crazy 8's, so I had no idea what to expect...but the quality of the films and the creativity of each of them was so great, that it actually automatically took me out of my rut. And a special shout out to two films I know the directors of, Matt Leaf's "Braindamage" and Jane Hancock's "When I Saw You" - wonderful bias attached!

Me and good friend Kayla Lynn Lewis at the Crazy 8's

I've been reminded of exactly why I do what I do, not that I could articulate it in any way that would be useful or cohesive...but if you've felt it, then you know. No more wallowing in "why me's", or rather, "why not me's" and laziness. This is what I want to do, this is the world I want to surround myself with and I'm back on track. Again. And I'll lose track again and have to find that thing again that sets me straight. And for me, that thing is attending festivals, going to screenings of local films and just getting involved!

So get out and go see other people accelling at what you want to do, and hope that gives you some inspiration and motivation to get there too!

*Check out Save BC Film on Facebook and support the campaign to protect our industry!