Monday, 21 January 2013


This weekend, I took part in a sitcom workshop with Matthew Harrison at the Actor's Foundry. The "weekend" actually started out on Friday night, when we were all sent to watch a live taping of the new Vancouver sitcom Package Deal*. This new show is the second in our city, after Mr. Young, to tape sitcom style in front of a live studio audience. Want to know what all this information makes me?? REALLY REALLY EXCITED!! Like...really very excited.

I've always loved comedy, and been interested in sitcom style. In my "super secret" fantasies, I happen upon a comedy club one night, and they happen to be having an open mic night and not enough people volunteer to go up and they start calling on people at random to do a set, and then, they call on me; the unexpecting, wide-eyed, totally unprepared ginger, and I go up...and I... know...I KILL IT! Yeah. When it looks like there isn't a lot going on in my brain...this is what I'm thinking about.

And it seems that Vancouver has said, "Let there be sitcom!!"...and there was, and Vancouver saw that it was good. And so did Taylor. And she wants in on the joke!...the telling of the joke! This workshop was my chance to try my hand at a double-spaced script, be a little larger than life and beat out punchlines. And, not to get too far ahead of myself, but I think I found my niche!! Do you know how exciting it is to finally discover that you may have found exactly what it is you're supposed to be doing?? It is pretty freaking say the least.

So, although I know that as an actor, I would be happy working on any set of any genre of film or television. I'd love to end up having a career Juno Temple-ing it all over the indie drama scene (another one of my heros), I would seriously love that. But right now, I have tasted hilarity, and it tastes like more. I'm going to put my focus pants on, with the hopes that Vancouver continues down this road of bringing in more sitcom work, and master it! I've crowded my Netflix with all the good comedies...but I'll take suggestions for more!

Who do you watch when you're looking for great examples of comedy genius?? Which shows inspire you? It's research time, baby ;)

Knock knock!

Who's there?

...Ok...well, I've got a ways to go know, with the funniness...but I'm working on it!

*I just remembered that I know how to make links for things. Exciting!!! ...I may get a little carried away with this...