Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day Jobs and Black Stretchy Pants

Well, it has definitely been a little while since my last blog post. I could chalk it up to a number of excuses, but frankly, I guess the real reason is it just gets a little old being self-sufficient, doesn’t it? It’s hard to constantly be motivating yourself to sit down and work on blogs, or write scripts or remember how to act when nobody is forcing you to do it or paying you for it! But when you can find a job that does pay you, I think you start to value your down time a little more - it’s a little less easy to come by - and getting back on track is easier.

I recently put a cap on my employment hiatus last week, and started working for the call center at Lululemon! I know what you’re thinking…what could people possibly be calling lululemon about so much that they required an entire center to keep up with it? Short answer: lots of stuff. I completed a full week of intense training this Monday. The thing you should understand about this company is that training doesn’t really just entail learning what the job description is and how to solely fulfill that…it’s much, much more.

For starters, our first day began with a yoga class. For real. (There may have been a circuit class in following training days that resulted in me not being able to walk normally for a week as well…). We then proceeded to write down our goals and try to picture where we were going to be (professionally or otherwise) 10 years from now. There was a lot of talk around self-development and growth, as well as a strong implementation that there was a lot of room for that growth within the company.

Great, right? Totally a perfect job and company to work for while trying to pursue the dreams and goals they made me write down! Unless, of course, you’re as neurotic and one-track-minded as I am…then you may be more likely to look at this job as accepting a full defeat in your acting career. I mean, we all need money; we have to live and eat, and working is part of it. Unfortunately - for most of us, anyways - it isn’t enough to just wait by the phone for that audition or gig, or whatever.

But taking on a job…like a real, in-an-office, grown up job…that encourages entrepreneurial thinking and moving forward kind of really feels like throwing in the towel. To me, anyways. I don’t know about you guys…but I’ve always just coasted through day jobs. I manage to learn just enough to get through the day, without risking the chance of becoming good at any job that isn’t acting. I don’t want to succeed there. I don’t want to waste my skills on something that isn’t acting. Am I totally crazy for thinking like this? A ‘back up’ means you have something to fall on in case of failure…well, what if I don’t even want to entertain the possibility of failure at all? What about that?

Well Taylor, to answer your question…too bad! In the end, you learn what being 22 and getting progressively older (make it stop, please!) means…Yes, it does mean that nobody can stop you from having strawberry cheesecake ice cream for dinner and you’re allowed to stay up past 10 (though you rarely do). It also means taking responsibility for what you want your life to look like. Obviously, I see myself succeeding in acting and one day making my living by it, but in the nearer future…I see myself moving out of parents’ house and keeping my car and taking classes and having up-to-date headshots and driving to LA. And if that means realizing how incredibly freakingluckyI am that I managed to find a job that wants me to pursue my dreams and be creative, that helps me set goals and that allows me to wear stretchy pants and socks to work every day, then by all means, I’m the luckiest girl ever and don’t I know it.*

And if I learned anything in my first week with this company, it’s how important it is to live in gratitude, to stay positive and “above the line”. That maybe I should really get back to the gym…one of these days. To recognize that where I am right now, is exactly where I’m supposed to be and to make the most of that. I will be the best freaking phone-answerer ever, if I have to…Until I don’t have to.

*Has anyone noticed how often I end my blog posts with “I’m the luckiest girl ever”? Hmm….I guess it’s true!