Friday, 19 October 2012

Recycling Depots...And Other Starving Actor Hot Spots

I got my first job when I was 16. I worked at La Senza and sold panties to men who needed forgiveness from their girlfriends or wives…or both. My first job also meant my first time buying Christmas gifts for my family! It also meant that I had my own cash, so if at a grocery store I decided I wanted a Kit Kat…well, you can bet I was going to buy it for myself!

I had learned pretty early on the importance of money and self-sufficiency and independence, and it stuck with me. Since my undergarment (and occasionally some toys…this was a pretty risque job for doe-eyed, 16 year old Taylor) selling gig, I’ve worked a pretty wide array of jobs. I moved on from selling those panties to selling Calvin Klein panties. I was the photographer at Walmart for what I can only assume are the pictures that now end up in the “Awkward Family Photos” books. I was an accountant for a small stint there…Yeah. Seriously. I toured Mexican kids around London for a bit. Also, seriously. I’ve babysat children, and worked an election…kind of also like babysitting children. And now I currently spend my Saturdays as a cleaning lady at an office.

I’ve pretty much covered just about everything  (except serving…I’m absolutely terrified of being a waitress! Don’t ask me why). It hasn’t really mattered what I was doing, as long as I could make sure I made money and felt a little independent.

This summer, however, I quit my job at the time and took a break in order to focus on shooting Spaces and Reservations, as well as to just devote more time to being a proactive actor…a “proact-or”? My time off was pretty sweet. I’ve learned to Tweet! I’ve bombarded my friends with blog posts. I was in a movie. I…came out broke!

You do the best you can, but this industry is tough. Just because you decide to quit your day job for a while, doesn’t mean that everything else is going to fall into place and all of a sudden you’ll book an international commercial that’ll pay your bills for the next year! Doesn’t reality suck?

So, now I’m in a scramble looking for a normal person, (kind of) grown up job. I’ve even applied for waitressing jobs. Because when you need work and to pay bills and to stop feeling like you’re 12, you suck it up and let pride or fears take a back seat. You take what you can get. And maybe accepting a bit of cash from your parents for cleaning out their garage, or taking the household’s pop cans back to the recycling depot for change doesn’t help with the “not feeling 12” thing. But every little bit helps, right?

So until that international commercial comes along, please let this blog serve as my resume and cover letter! ;)