Friday, 14 September 2012

Having A Me Partay!


Yes. This is what it looks like when I unwind…a little scary, I know. But it’s okay! We all need a chance to hang out with ourselves, have a “Me Party” if you will. Amy Adams makes it look like so much fun in The Muppets Movie! So I’ve had a bath, a little facial treatment, explored my movie collection - narrowed it down between revisiting Amelie or one of my musical favourites, A Chorus Line - made myself a little snack and a nice, soothing hot chocolate.* All set.

This is my spoil-thyself way to really transition from working on Spaces and Reservations to my day on set this weekend! Tomorrow I am shooting a short film with SFU student, Will Ross, whom I had met while working on the last project. I am just doing one scene, but I am very excited. Tone-wise, it is definitely a bit of a shift, so it will be a totally new experience and I’ve spent a lot of time with the script making sure I’m on the right page (so to speak) and in the appropriate frame of mind.

You have to work really hard in this industry to stay afloat. Every single day is spent looking for new work, writing and creating your own work, staying on top of your online materials, etc. And then once you get jobs, you can’t slack off there either! And so once in a while…even though you may be heading on a vacation on Monday (shhh! Don’t tell!), it is important to take a wee break for you! Pamper yourself…do all those things you used to do when you had a “tummy ache” and couldn’t go to school.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…my face is starting to burn and I think I need to take this thing off! …Also, there are about 5 bowls of cereal waiting to be devoured by moi.

*Sometimes the hot chocolate is substituted with wine…my usual choice being a legitimate $4.00 bottle of wine, on which the only label is a yellow happy face from Trader Joe’s. And I tell you…it definitely delivers what it advertises.