Thursday, 9 August 2012

Yoga Sucks After A Week Long Hiatus.

Yep. I got back at it this morning…and me and the other guy who occupies the back row of class, Stan, struggled through all the sweating and crying and pain together. Oh, Bikram.

But why did I have this break from my workout regiment? Well, for some good ol’ fashioned out-of-town family time, of course! My beautiful cousin Becca was getting married this past weekend just outside of Calgary, and so my mom, dad and I hopped in the car and drove over. Can I just mention how freaking stunning that drive is? I was meant to have taken over some of the driving shifts, but my mom thought better of it when she realized I would be to focused on the views! Holy stunning, Batman.

I just have to talk a little about my weekend away, and I may even gloat a little about my family - we just happen to be the most attractive family I’ve ever met, not to mention the most hilarious. Sorry to you and your families, but it’s true. I’ve also never been to a more fun wedding/family reunion. I got to see cousins I hadn’t seen in 15, even 20 years! We drank, played games, line-danced (this is Calgary we’re talking about). There was even a large pot-belly pig that came to visit us at the reception…he just wandered off his farm to say hi…which I tried to back, until heliterallyknocked me to the ground, and then proceeded to climb on me and try to eat my dress. True story.

Anyways, I don’t think I’ve had more fun than I had this past week in a very long time…and so going (way, way,way) off my diet and getting off track exercise-wise was worth it. Family time is so awesome, and getting away and seeing some beautiful parts of our country is incredibly humbling - it is a good chance to check in with yourself and even reevaluate where you’re at.

So, taking time off may be daunting - you never know what auditions you could be missing - and trying a piece of every variety of wedding cake can hurt your diet…but these breaks and fun times are just as important to us as acting classes and hot yoga.

Have some fun!