Friday, 17 August 2012

Two Down...!

This afternoon, I finished on the second day of filming of Spaces and Reservations, at a timely hour even! If you’re curious what one does after one 14 hour day that wrapped at 3am, followed by a quick snooze in a spare room on set, followed by a 7:30am calltime for an 8 hour day…especially when one comes home to an empty house…it goes a little something like this.

1. Get home, say hello to dog, drink body’s weight in water.

2. Shower in an attempt to take off that new layer of…body stuff you’ve acquired from your profuse sweating of the last 48 hours.

3. Eat some crackers with homemade raspberry jam. Peruse the liquor cabinet. And then settle for more water.

4. Turn on favourite movie of all time:When Harry Met Sally.

5. Make some tea, and maybe find a Benadryll to ensure a good night’s rest.

6. Sleep soundly and dream of Ryan Gosling, until alarm goes off and you’re up and at ‘em for another day of shooting!

Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression here…in no way am I complaining here! Save, maybe, the part about the sweating…it is very unbecoming on me. But, seriously, this is what I live for! If, for the entirety of the shoot, I couldn’t watch Billy Crystal sing Surrey With The Fringe On Top, or raid my own refrigerator or sleep in my own bed, I would be happy still.

I am super lucky to get to work with such amazing people and I look forward to every new day of this experience! The current heat wave and 30 degree plus weather, however? Meh…

My Co-star and Me!

PS. I should add Step 4.5. Go over schedule and scenes for tomorrow’s shoot. Since, you know, occasionally our director reads this thing… ;)