Thursday, 16 August 2012

'Twas The Night Before Shooting...

And all through the…Oh my goodness, schedule conflicts?! Really?
Ugh. Serious ugh. So, today is the first day of shooting Spaces and Reservations, and yesterday afternoon, while setting up last minute details on set, I get an email with two auditions at seperate times for this afternoon, in direct conflict with not only my shooting schedule, but an appointment with a specialist that had earlier been cause to already shift the shoot list around once. That sucks. Big time.

I, of course, went into instant panic mode and resorted to my usual go-to action in tense situations…I called my mommy. She helped me calm down a bit, and we tried to sort out a plan. Maybe I could get them to push my audition time around a bit? Well, apparently, not so much. So, without the option of rescheduling auditions or canceling them…I had to lay it out for our poor director, who (at a very late hour of the night, last night) emailed us all a new call sheet for today - not something you want to be doing the night before your first day of shooting. Also, my newly set up specialist appointment is now in early September, so that was pretty lucky that I wouldn’t have to wait too long!

So, today will be a little crazy…but it will be ok, because this is our life as actors. We win some, we lose some. Feast or famine. We go between not having a thing to do, to being slammed all at once with equally important commitments. And I am lucky enough to be working with Brendan Prost, who so gracefully made things work for me not once, but twice…This sort of treatment may go to my head though…if I requested green M&M’s on set I wonder what would happen…

And, needless to say, I am so very excited to start getting down to work on this film! I spent the day yesterday with Brendan, and my new fake boyfriend, Zachary White, putting some personal touches on the decor of what will be our house today. We finger painted art for our walls, created post-it notes to each other building memories with each one and today we go to camera…with a few frantic, “I’ll be right back!!“‘s from me. Wish us luck!

*Yes. I know actors hate actors who complain about having two auditions in one, but I’m that person today. Sorry!