Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I'll Be Sure To Add That To My Special Skills List...

Well, I’ve only got two more days of shooting on Spaces and Reservations after having gotten through 10, and I’ve only got two blog posts to show for it. Hmmm…

The experiences and amount of things I have learned about myself during this project are pretty boundless, but I can only fit so much in here in one post, so I thought I would focus on all of the interesting tasks I’ve had to complete on camera…that have turned out to be terribly difficult for me!

When reading a script that says something along the lines of, Kacie makes breakfast, I don’t know about you, but I don’t really give it a whole lot of special though. That is, until, it comes time to actually cook breakfast with a room full of people watching you and a camera intrusively examining every move you make!

Well, here is a list (because you all know how much I like lists) of things like that, that for any normal human being should not have been as debilitating as they ended up being for me.

1. Backing a car up in a straight line…for a total distance of 10 feet

Right. So, not a difficult task, by any stretch of the imagination. And I drive! I consider myself a good driver, even. And yet, poor Zachary’s car was subjected to a ridiculous amount of tire and wheel scraping along the curb. The first time it happened, I got myself so jammed against the curb, that director Brendan Prost had to come and take over the driving to set up for the next take. You’d think that the second scene I had to do this for would have gone smoother…but nope. Once again, scraped tires against a sidewalk, as Taylor attempts to drive in a straight line.

2. Look adorable dancing.

Alright Taylor, in this scene…you’re going to put on a record*, and then you’re going to dance and show us your charming, cute side, k? Right. Shouldn’t be too difficult. Except for after the first take, when the director pulls you aside to let you know that you’re actually scaring people with your manic attempt at “dancing”. Let’s stick with a subtle wiggle, and leave the “white man’s overbite” to Billy Crystal!

3. Ride a bicycle.

Let’s just say, the first take was ended prematurely when not one single person on the crew could stop themselves from laughing at my bicycle riding. Nuff said?

4. Find a suitable, marshmallow roasting stick.

You know that cute meme, that depicts a fun looking vintage woman, with the quote “I love not camping!”? Yep. Pretty much me. And very apparent to everyone else who actually loves camping, as they watched me try shove a very large stick through a sad, squished marshmallow. It was not pretty. I’ve been told there is a great art to be learned of whittling.

5. Cook breakfast.

I have to say…considering I wasn’t given all of the needed ingredients, the french toast I made while being scrutinized by a camera, was actually pretty delicious. I am almost positive, however, that any footage of me pulling bacon out of the package to fry will be cut from the film. I come from a turkey-bacon family, and it is a whole other experience trying to pull real bacon apart. Very slimy…and drippy.

Well, there you have it. Things Taylor learned she shouldn’t be putting on her “special skills” section on her resume any time soon…Maybe it’s time to attempt some domestic tasks now, you know, practice at home or whatever.

*I’d also like to point out how embarrassing it is to try to put a record on in front of a bunch of hipsters when you’ve never done it before. Jeez!