Sunday, 22 July 2012

Somebody Buy Me a Porsche! (Please)

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a mid-life crisis…(I would hope that I live past 44!)…I wouldn’t even call it a quarter-life crisis. It’s just that, if given a questionaire based on my recent standings, I might qualify as the 50-something man, reevaluating his life and finding the answer in a Porsche lot.

As I explained to my best friend yesterday, there are more than a few ways in which I feel like I couldn’t be further from growing up or from where I think I “should” be right now. Would you like the list? It’s a little sad…a bit scary even, and may invoke a couple of pitiful “awe’s” and one or too, “oh God, really’s?” from you - but I promise there is a happy ending!

So here it is. Where Taylor is at now:

-I am 22 years old.

-I live at home…with my mommy and daddy.

-I don’t own a vehicle…however I frequent the passenger side of mom’s car when she drives me places (bring back memories of middle school for you?)

-I am currently unemployed. (I quit my responsible, grown up job a week ago!)

-And as far as boys…let’s just say I saw Magic Mike the other day…and that’s about as much action as I’ve gotten in agoodlong while.

Yep. Feel free to judge. Go on. Do it! I dare you!

Ok, wait…stop judging now…my ego is a little fragile.

But listen, the list may be sad and when stated like that can turn any girl into a life of spoons and Nutella jars. But because I really can’t afford 200 calories per bite of delicious, chocolatey-hazelnut dream…I’ve flipped my attitude and am actually in a very positive place!

Check it out:

-I’m 22 yearsyoung.

-I live at home with my mommy and daddy, who are super supportive and have allowed me to livewithout
financial burdens while I chase my dream.

-I don’t own a vehicle, which has helped me get out andwalk moreand my mom is always willing to give me
a lift or lend me her car when I need it!

-I am currently unemployed, which has given me time to get into shape - I now do hot yoga, jazzercise,
zumba and I frequent the gym! Also, I’ve been able to dedicate extra time to working on the script for Spaces and Reservations, as well as prepare better for auditions (I’m currently on hold for another commercial!)

-The boy thing is non-existent, and Magic Mike was one of the worst movies I think I’ve ever seen. I guess I haven’t found the silver lining in this one yet…um…boys smell bad? That’ll do for now.

Anyways, just a little food for thought on perspective, for myself more than anything, but hopefully it helps you with your situation a bit too - whatever that may be. I have so much to be thankful for. I know I am incredibly lucky and I really try to live in gratitude - sometimes we just need a reminder!