Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Pancakes and Relationship Issues

This weekend, I had my first meeting with the director of the film I’m going to be in this summer: “Spaces and Reservations”. Talk about starting off on a good note…I met him at his house (soon to be “my” house…well, for the shoot anyways), where I was greeted with some seriously delicious tea - made in one of those presser-thingies - and pancakes.* There is no greater way to get to know someone, in my opinion, than over some good ol’ breakfast food.


We didn’t jump right into ‘work-talk’, but both of us being as excited about the project as we are, it didn’t take long for script jabber to break into conversation. It is so exciting, as an actor, to actually have a chance to share all the back-story and character work we’ve done with the director, so this was such a treat. We talked a ton about the themes of the story and everything going on for each of the characters in this relationship drama…so, of course, it wasn’t long until we were sharing personal details about our own *cough*FAILED*cough* relationships.

It hadn’t really dawned on me up until then just how personal working on this project is going to get! But I’m up to the challenge. Especially since I feel incredibly safe in this environment with this director, and soon I’ll be getting to know my co-actor! Since he is in Calgary right now, we’ll be getting to know each other via skype and email, but even through those gateways we’ll have a chance to build a bit of history and comfortability with each other prior to the shoot.

My biggest nerd moment of our meeting was when I bashfully admitted that I’d already gone as far as making myself a little make-shift soundtrack for the film! Could have been kind of embarrassing, but for the fact that I was then presented with a burned CD of his version of the soundtrack! I also received a copy of his last film (starring my co-star of this upcoming project) Choch - which was brilliant - and copies of films that are similar in style and good inspirations for our shoot! Such a wonderful and thoughtful gesture!

So, I thought I could share with all of you what I’ve compiled on my Ipod as listening material for when I’m working on the script - I’ll post the playlist here soon!

Anyways, I’m getting more and more excited about this movie with every day and am absolutely pouring myself over the script! Next couple steps include a lovely chance to meet the rest of the cast over dinner hosted by our wonderful director, and then a birthday party for him/creative “jam-session” (as he puts it) creating the living space for Jamie and Kacie! What a guy, eh!?
Keep checking back here for more updates and my process of working on this film and how it is all coming together :)

*I would like to say that if you can make pancakes, you’ve automatically impressed me. I have never in my life been able to make pancakes…and yeah, I’m talking about the pre-mixed powder stuff. So people, like Brendan, who can pull it off are a direct win in my books!