Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Learning to be Proactive, and other useful actor tools...

I lied! This isonlyabout being proactive as an actor - I have no other tools to offer…titles just always sound better when they have “And Other Tales…”, am I right or am I right?

Anyways, I’ve recently taken upon myself to self-submit for local, independent projects! I seriously don’t know what was keeping me from doing this before! It is a slow season right now for auditions for paying roles, but there is a huge well of rich work to be had in the low-budget/indie world, and I am lapping up every little bit I can. I’m absolutely obsessed with the audition listings on Vancouver Actor’s Guide - and you should be too…unless you’re an average height/weight, quirky, but vulnerable redhead…

The timing of my new obsession has been great all around - having just finished an intense class I feel extra motivated with my new set of tools to work on audition pieces with, there are tons of great projects to go out for and auditions from my agent are a bit slow right now (not my agent’s fault, of course! just how the industry waves in Vancouver) so there are no schedule conflicts. Plus, there is nothing as rewarding as booking a lead in an independent feature when you know you got yourself there.

And I did! I booked the role of Kacie in Brendan Prost’s “Spaces and Reservations”, a character-driven relationship drama. I’m so excited to spend my summer prepping for this script, and can’t wait to shoot at the end of August!

I also attended my 2nd callback for a really great project with an equally great message last night. I really enjoyed this audition because it was so interactive, and we all had a chance to read with other actors - another plus to smaller-budget projects: the auditions are always a really neat experience/exercise. I haven’t heard back from this one, but there were so many talented people there, that either way it was great to be part of the first part of the process.

Plus, Saturday I have an audition for another film - something really edgy and artistic sounding. These posting forums are just like a huge smorgasbord of acting opportunities…and we all know how much I like me a buffet ;)

So, if you feel like work is sparse and your creative energy is fading, go take control of your own career! Submit yourself for everything you can and then maybe you’ll start excessively using exclamation points to signify your happiness and general excitement for life!!! Just like me!!!