Monday, 16 July 2012

Hellooooooooo Nurse!

I’d like to start this entry off with a little lesson, or a thought: we are handed opportunities every single day, and it is up to us alone whether we act on them in a productive and positive way or not. You cannot be lazy in this industry…or in any aspect of your life, I should say. Except for that allotted week in Mexico. You can be a little lazy then.

Recently my agent called me up to let me know about an audition for a TV show that is shot here in Vancouver. It was for the callback, and though I hadn’t attended the initial audition, it didn’t seem too odd because they’ll often call in new people for the second rounds, so I was game! Except that he called me back a couple hours later informing me that actually, the audition wasn’t meant for me…it was for another girl on his roster, but hey, if I’m up for it they are willing to let me go anyways. And since I’ve been out auditioning quite a bit and feeling on a roll, I figured why not? If anything it was a good excuse to leave work early…just kidding…?

So, I went. To the audition that was not meant for me. And you want to know what I did last Monday? I spent the entire day on set shooting the role that was never meant for me. Because I am opportunistic!* So, I have now, officially, booked and filmed my first paid gig! This is very, very exciting for me!

I was on The Untold Stories of the E.R. and I played Nurse Sherry! I’ve already taken up most of my entry with the prelude to the booking…so I’ll just jot down, in point form, the highlights of this most wonderful day on set!

-It was shot at Riverview Hospital (the creepiest, old mental institute-turned-filming-location)

-I got to spend the entire day in scrubs:

-Not only did we get delicious free lunch, but afterwards, a man with a giant, silver tray filled with a variety of chocolate bars circled the set as we blocked a scene and proceeded to “chocolate” the cast and crew!

-I learned how to hook someone up to an IV…so you know who to call if you need, you know, one of those.

-The episode was about a ton of frat boys with a similar problem ending up in the E.R., so my fellow actors were not so rough on the eyes

-I got my very own “Nurse Sherry” name tag, with a picture of my face on it…which I would share a picture of, except that it happens to be a horrible picture of me. And I am vain.

-I met some really great people

and did I mention…


So there you have it. It could not have been a better day, and it had to have been the nicest introduction (of sorts) into the life of a working actor. All the people on the crew were so generous and friendly, and the other cast members were as well.

On a side not, I’d like to thank my mother for driving me there. I know you said that was the location the first time we passed it and you were right, but you still stayed calm and humored me while I manically directed you to drive past it 8 more times convinced you were wrong. I love you.

*Opportunistic…not to be confused with the phrase coined by Ross stores, “shopportunistic”…because I am not that. Because I no longer have a day job…but more on that later!