Sunday, 17 June 2012

You know that thing, where your friend is having a party, and they’ve invited you to it on Facebook, and you feel pressured to respond so you confirm that you are going, and then all of a sudden it’s time for that party but now something better has come up and you completely ditch the first person to go to this other thing? You know? That thing?

Well, I’m pretty sure that thing just happened to me…except I was the person sending out invitations in the sense that I was like, “Hey! You’re invited to: Putting Me in Your Commercial!”…and the commercial people were all like, “We’re totally in!”.

So… in not-cryptic-metaphor language…after a callback for a commercial recently, I was put on hold with first refusal. Um…yay!

Seriously. I let myself celebrate that a little - I think it’s important to congratulate yourself on even the smallest of victories…all has to do with living in gratitude and blah blah blah (I’ll get to that another time). So, yeah, I maybe did a little happy dance. For about two days I happy danced, and then finally got the “decided to go in a different direction*” email.


And this isn’t the first time this has happened to me…I was up for a Home Depot commercial when I was 10 (which probably would have paid for my entire college education BUT OH WELL!), and I was put on hold and then it turned out the rest of the family being cast were brunettes, and everyone knows that there are never redheaded children in a family of brown haired people… :\

And then again last year, I booked my first gig! I’ll go into much more detail about this whole story another time, but it was the same idea (except this one I actually was hired for). I booked the gig, I had a script sent to my house, I had wardrobe calling me for sizing, and once I was 3 days away from shooting - I planned a party to celebrate my first job. And then the next day they cut the scene from the shooting schedule.


So…I’m thinking I’m due for a little break sometime soon. And when I say break, I’m not talking being cast in the new “High School Musical” equivalent that turns me into a huge movie star - though, I totally wouldn’t complain if that was the case - I just mean, like, the acting Gods could just gimme a little love. Next time I get that close…it’s going to be all the way. I mean it!

*Aka Blonde.

**I can get a little “gangsta” when I’m upset. Just so you know.