Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Start-up Business…and I’m the flagship store…

A Start Up Business.......  and I'm the
flagship store

Hi there!

My name is Taylor Hastings, and…well, this is my blog, so cleverly entitled, “Ginger Soup for the Actor’s Soul”. “Clever, how?” you ask? Well, for one I am a ginger, and, frankly, I think it’s time to give ourselves a little good publicity! For example, none of my freckles were actually acquired from stealing a soul! Just sayin’.

I am also an actor. That’s right! A living, breathing…not…yet…working actor! I am in the process of making it happen though - there just happens to be a ton that goes into it! Them Hollywood folk make it look so easy!

Lastly, I figured, who didn’t enjoy the wide range of various “Chicken Soup for the (insert needy demographic) Soul” books? Well, to be honest I never atually read any of them…but I hear they were pretty helpful!

So, basically, I am a redhead, trying to be an actress who is hoping to offer a little help for others like me (not limited to gingers, of course) as I learn along the way as well. I’ve had an incredible amount of gifted, talented and sucessful people who have been so forthcoming with advice and their wisdom, that has helped me realize how much we need to help each other out - it’s our responsibility as artists!

So, check back here to see what I do to keep up with this crazy industry, from agent meetings, to auditions and even weird, trendy diets :S