Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Kid That's Always Happy to do Your Homework...That's Me.

Ok…so maybe not literally…and definitely not in high school (I hardly ever did my own homework then!). Although, in college I remember taking many a butter tart from Starbucks in exchange for writing a few of my classmates’ demo scenes! And if you’ve ever had one of those tarts…you’d understand.

But what I’m talking about is more in the metaphorical sense - wherein acting (personified) is the cool kid at school, and I am the nerdy one, with unfortunate head gear and a subsequent lisp. Acting is all like, “Hey Sheldon*, if you do this weird audition for me, I might let you hang out with me. You know, a couple guest stars, maybe a series regular. You know, cool kid stuff.” And even though you know that the likelihood that snooty Acting is lying to you, you hold on to that glimmer of possibility that maybe this time will be your time!

So, when you get an audition to do a reenactment on a medical show of a girl violently, projectile vomiting - which is basically all the audition I did today consisted of. No joke. - you take your sides home, and you sit and you work your little butt off on them. And you go in, and you barf your guts out for the cool kids. You hand them the grade A paper they wanted, because you never know, they might be throwing a pool party and boy, you want to be at that freaking pool party!

What I’m trying to say, besides that starting out actors (like myself) are nerdy adolescents who let themselves get shoved into lockers by the Big Bad Industry, is that every audition is an opportunity for personal growth as well as professional growth. It isn’t lame to want to be cool. No anti-conformist am I.

Will I book my audition today - my first one with my new agent? Who knows! But if I don’t, it’s definitely not because I didn’t try! And that’s pretty cool.

*Sheldon is a name cited by Billy Crystal’s character in (my favourite movie) When Harry Met Sally, as somebody who is possibly lame, and definitely not a good lover. I have always had a stigma over that name since that movie. I apologize to any awesome Sheldons out there. :)