Thursday, 31 May 2012

Eating Cake Batter and Other No-No's

There are things about the world that I understand make sense for other people, that have just never resonated with me. Examples: non-colour-coordinated closets. Apparently, to the rest of the human population, it’s ok to just hang things whereever you feel like in your closet with no rhyme or reason. I don’t get it. Also, whiny, cryptic Facebook statuses. I could go on about this one…but let’s just say it’s a pet peeve of mine that so, so many people partake in. I guess I missed the memo on that one. And last but not least, the feeling that summer is a great time to eat less and more healthily and get more exercise.

Hmm…really, rest of the human race? That’s where you went with this? Yeah, maybe you can swing the exercise thing…but the eating less thing? Not for me. Summer means bbq’s, restaurant patios with high calorie (adult) beverages, and…um…hello? S’mores, much?! Am I right, or am I right?

                      (Yes. Taking this picture was really just an excuse to eat ice cream. So what?)

I’ve managed to make it through many a summer indulging in all my favourite summer foods (and activities) all the while avoiding showing off in the dreaded bikini - being a fair-skinned redhead, people always accepted my over-use of beach cover ups! At the same time, for the sake of my dignity I suppose, I always nodded and pretended to agree with all my girlfriends who always said things like, “Oh, it’s just so hot! All I can make myself eat is this slice of cucumber!”. Yeah. Totally. Cucumber slice.

But, as we actors know, we can’t be so flippant as me when it comes to our health and fitness. I don’t want to suggest in any way that anyone who wants to be an actor has to be stick thin - or thin at all for that matter! Couldn’t be further from the truth. There are characters for all shapes and sizes…however, the entertainment world has sort of predetermined which character types match up with which body types. So it boils down to what kind of roles you’d like to be considered for. And for me, I think I’ll have to cut back on the melted marshmallows and graham crackers a bit, you know, maybe stop drinking cake batter to deal with my feelings. Small changes like that. It’s just a fact of our industry.

Also, (physical appearances aside) though we’re not performing brain surgery or building pyramids, our job can be pretty grueling with long hours and intense days. So we need to take care of ourselves…stay in shape and eat healthy, so that our bodies can support us through 15 hour days etc. I try to stay on top of the gym thing as much as possible…and for all you, “I’m too busy” people out there…I don’t want to hear it! I’m up at 4:45am every morning so I can hit the gym before work, because I know myself well enough to know that making it there after work, is a small possibility.

Oh yeah. You read right. 4:45 am! Do you know who else is up that early? I mean, besides noone?!Maybe, like, people with crying babies. Or people who are catching an early plane to somewhere hot - in which case it seems worth it. But that’s it! And you know the funner part? (Funner can be a word) Sometimes, things work out for me and I can go to the gym after work as well. “What?!” you say. “Are you crazy?!?” you ask. No. Just really, freaking devoted. And maybe a little crazy.

So, my challenge to you this week, is to add a little gym time to your schedule. Excuse yourself from all your excuses for not going, and make like a Nike ad and Just Do It. Give it a try. If not for yourself, then do it for me. Because I’m up at 4:45, and frankly, I deserve you working out too. And then check back here again, because I might have more tips to offer, from one struggling over-eater (or as the Yuppies like to call it, “Foodie”) to another.