Thursday, 31 May 2012

Casting Director Appreciation Day

This weekend I had the huge pleasure and opportunity to partake in a workshop with a local casting director. It was held at the Actor’s Foundry, a great acting studio in Vancouver at which I’m hoping to start taking some weekly classes soon! The first day of the workshop was a 4 hour lecture, prepping us for going in front of the casting director the next day. The lecture was done by Matthew Harrison…and seriously, if you ever get a chance to sit in on one of his classes, please do it! I was so inspired and so freaking moved by everything he said, that I found myself in a dreamy state after class which made me completely incapable of finding my car and led me to spending a good half hour wandering the “better” parts of East Hastings looking for it. That may sound negative…but it wasn’t really, I mean, once I convinced that prostitute I really wasn’t looking for a ‘good time’. So after we had all had our minds blown Friday night by Matthew’s infinite wisdom, (and eccentric, funky speaking style) we had a chance to work on our scenes and spent the first part of Saturday being coached on them by Bradley Stryker (who had totally just won a Leo the night before. Cool). Once we had basically learned how to act again in our coaching sessions - not exaggerating (for myself at least) - it was finally time to have a one on one with the casting director. The casting director that came in to work with us was Corinne Clark. Corinne casts shows such as Fringe and Once Upon a Time, as well as many, many others. She is one of the best casting directors in Vancouver…and PS she also turns out to be one of the loveliest people you might ever meet! Hence the title of my blog… I think we get so in our heads about auditions and we get nervous and find ourselves wanting to barf up our spleens, that we forget to be a little bit…human, and to have human interactions. I think this was the whole point of this workshop, because besides just watching our scenes, Corinne took the time with each of us individually to learn a little more about our personalities and who we were. I mean, seriously? Amazing - right? So instead of actually taking her weekend to enjoy one of the first hot days of the year with her family, this person chose to talk with me about my prominent sweet tooth and excessive eating habits - somehow the only topic I could comfortably carry a conversation on. The point of this post is this: I’ve found a lot of our time is spent complaining about mean casting directors and the like, and maybe we just need to take a break to appreciate the really amazing ones! I know it may seem like I’m doing a little bit of ‘butt-kissing’…but really, the likelihood of her reading this is pretty slim, so this is more of a reminder to be nicer to our colleagues. She seemed to approach her job with such a great amount of gratitude and humility, and I think we can learn from that. I mean…can’t we all just…get a long?